• 5 Ways To Improve Your Heater’s Efficiency

    With fall and winter quickly approaching, it’s time for you to prepare your home for high heating bills. You may not be able to get rid of those bills completely, but you can take steps to improve your heater’s efficiency and reduce your energy bills at the same time. The tips below will show you […]

  • How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Costs

    With the summer heat on its way, you may soon see a spike in your electricity bill. That is probably because you’re using your air conditioning to keep your house cool. There is nothing wrong with cranking up the AC, but you could be spending more money on air conditioning bills than you should. Here […]

  • Free HVAC Tips Part 2

    5. What Should I When My Furnace Makes A Loud Booming Noise And Shakes The Floor? This is called “Delayed Combustion” caused by gas that comes out of the burner. The valve releases gas to burn but the unit is not working well enough to allow the igniter to work properly. Obviously this is a […]

  • Maintenance And Repair Of Heating And Cooling Systems In Detroit

    Detroit area residents like you use a number of electronic appliances at home like your furnace, air conditioner and small kitchen appliances. Constant use of these machines causes wear and tear and a decrease of efficiency over time. Therefore, regular maintain and repair is a crucial and has proven to increase performance and lifespan. In […]

  • Air Conditioning

    The Air King has a great reputation for being fair and honest, reasonable and extremely dependable for refrigeration/HVAC service and new sales; reputable service and installation of all makes and models of residential, industrial and commercial refrigeration and HVAC equipment furnaces and air conditioners. We guarantee you trusted commercial and residential HVAC repairs and maintenance, […]