Commercial Heating & Cooling

48PG CENTURION™ Single-Package Rooftop Ultra-High Efficiency Gas Heating/Electric Cooling Units 2 to 12.5 Nominal Tons

48A WEATHERMAKER®Single-Package Rooftop High-Efficiency Gas Heating/Electric Cooling Units With Puron® Refrigerant (R-410A) 20 to 60 Nominal Tons48A2 – CV, Vertical 48A3 – VAV, Vertical 48A4 – CV, Horizontal 48A5 – VAV, Horizontal
48P WEATHERMASTER® Single Package High-Efficiency Gas Heating/Electric Cooling Rooftop Units with Puron® Refrigerant (R-410A) 30 to 100 Nominal Tons48P2 – Vertical CV 48P3 – Vertical VAV 48P4 – Horizontal CV
48P5 – Horizontal VAV